Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2017 / Vårutställning 2017


Sophie Erlandsson

We are all
a walking goodbye;

I have given my name
and my story,
to the birds.

Move on birdword, move on

Live performance, 30 min (English)
Svarta huset first floor
Saturday 13 May, 14:30
Sunday 14 May, 14:30
Wednesday 17 May, 17:00
Thursday 18 May, 18:20


I am treading water during the drought
while your voice keeps running
through my hair
each breath still contains more than air;
anger sorrow tenderness daffodils


continental plates
moving around the birdwords
across the weatherfloor
while in the stream
the current grows

there is no longer anything
to balance my feet
feels like walking on brackish water


moving a house within a house
eyes closed, travelling, landscaping
a train trying to keep track
over a body! with exclamation heartmarks.

all this time with a different pulse.
maybe it is something
inside of the water


I am the icebreaker the mermaid and the drunk
a simple burial at sea


swimming through the river
washing my hair
with arms
this is,
what people do.

Master / Fine Art