Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2017 / Vårutställning 2017


Candace Goodrich

ArtSci Nexus Lecture – Konstfack – 18 May 2017

“What Thinking Sounds Like” – Audiorama – 31 May 2017

ArtSci Nexus - An open platform for collaborative aesthetics

31 May, 17:30 – 22.00
Audiorama -Torpedverkstaden Slupskjulsvägen 30 – “What Thinking Sounds Like”

Artists: Chamberlab duo Anton Koch and Mark Matthes, Ruth May, Andrew Krell, Dr. Sergey Kostyrko Scientists: Dr. Alexander Kagansky, Dr. Paul Roach Curator: Candace Goodrich – ArtSci Nexus

“What Thinking Sounds Like” is an audio-visual live sound installation by the ArtSci Nexus Team “A Well-Tempered Brain”, to be presented at Audiorama on the 31 May 2017 from 17.30-22.00. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is between artists Anton Koch and Mark Matthes (known as Chamberlab), with guest musicians Ruth May and Andrew Krell, as well as sound musician and theoretical physicist Sergey Kostyrko, and molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Kagansky and bioengineer Dr. Paul Roach. The immersive experience results from ongoing experiments with sonifying neural network data in the study of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This conceptual artistic approach to scientific research utilizes classical music composition methodology in order to gain new perspectives in data analysis.